Power 380V-415V/3PH/50HZ
Max. Connected indoor units quantity 19
Performance data
Cooling Capacity KW 33.5
Btu/h 114300
RT 9.52
Power input KW 9.45
EER W/W 3.54
Heating Capacity KW 37.5
Btu/h 127900
RT 10.66
Power input kW 9
COP W/W 4.17
Max.input consumption KW 12.5
Max.current A 21.4
Capacity adjustment range 50%-130%
Physical data
Compressor Quantity 1
Type DC /Scroll
Brand Hitachi
Frequency range Hz 40-200
Crankcase heater W 40
Compressor oil Model FVC68D
Original oil volume ml 500+2000
Refrigerant Type R410A
Throttle type EXV
Volume g 8000
Motor Type Axial
Brand Nidec
Quantity 2
Rated speed r/min 750
Insulation class E
Protection class IP24
Power output W 180*2
Rated current A 1.5*2
Fan blade Material ASG20
Type Axial
Drive Direct-driven
Fan quantity 2
Air flow m³/h 9000
Vane quantity 4
Outdoor coil Fin type Hydrophilic Aluminum
Number of rows 3
Fin space mm 1.55
Tube outside diameter mm φ7
Tube type Inner-grooved copper tube
Net mm 1120*1549*528
Packing mm 1278*1696*560
weight Net kg 176
Gross kg 196
Sound pressure level dB(A) ≤60
Max operation pressure Mpa 4.5
Piping& wiring data
Pipe size Liquid pipe mm φ12.7
Gas pipe mm φ28.6
Max.pipe length Total pipe length m 120
From ODU to farthest IU m 70
From 1st indoor distributor to farthest IU m 20
Max. vertical length Between OU&IU
(OU above IU)
m 30
Between OU&IU
(OU below IU)
m 20
Between Ius m 8
Connection wire Power wire size mm² 5*6
Signal wire type 2-core shielded cable
Signal wire size mm² 1
Operation temperature range
Cooling Outdoor side  ℃ -5~50
Indoor side  ℃ 16~32
Heating Outdoor side  ℃ -20~30
Indoor side  ℃ 16~32

1. Cooling operating temperature range is from -5°C to 50°C. Heating operating temperature range is from -20°C to 30°C
2. The cooling conditions: indoor side 27°C(80.6°F) DB, 19°C(60°F)WB outdoor side 35°C(95°F) DB
3. The heating conditions: indoor side 20°C(68°F) DB, 15°C(44.6°F)WB outdoor side 7°C(42.8°F)DB
4. Sound level: measured at a point 1 m in front of the unit at a height of 1.5 m. During actual operation, these values are normally somewhat higher as a result of ambient conditions.
5. The above data may be changed without notice for future improvement on quality and performance.


CAP (KW): 33,5
ZONA: Exterior
PRET (fara TVA): 6039 EURO